Social Security Disability

ssdjudgementMarianne Brown, Esq. provides prompt and personal attention to clients located in the Greater Syracuse, NY and the surrounding area.

We guide our clients through all aspects of the social security system and provide free initial phone consultation.

We provide detailed analysis of your case and help interpret medical records in light of the social security regulations.

What is Long Term Disability (LTD)?

Long Term Disability covers a variety of illness which may or may not be work related.  Your individual or employer group policy may cover such illness as depression, anxiety, cancer, degenerative diseases, chronic illness and many others.

Our Social Security Disability Services Include:

  • Initial Phone Consultation
  • Detailed Analysis of your Case
  • Prepare Appeal
  • Review Testimony for the Hearing
  • Request, Interpret and Submit Medical Records
  • Represent you at the Hearing

After a detailed analysis of your case and medical history, we take the time to guide you through all aspects of the social security system.  We represent you at all hearings and we prepare any necessary paperwork.  Your initial phone consultation is free.

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